Warranty and defects

Damaged item
Have you received an item that is damaged or does not work properly? Or the product becomes defective during the warranty period? Please contact our customer service. 
Try to report this as soon as possible so that a suitable solution can be offered. Also take clear pictures of the packaging of the shipment as it was delivered.

Report damage
When you make a damage report, we request that you provide the following information:
-  Order number and date of purchase of the item.
-  Description of the damage and the events in which the damage occurred.
-  Photos and/or videos on which the damage is clearly visible.

After receipt of the damage report, customer service will review it and contact you as soon as possible about its handling. This can be in the form of repair or replacement 
of the item.

Warranty period
We are a company that guarantees sound products, which are of high quality. AStepAhead complies with the conformity requirement from Dutch law. This means that 
you can expect that an item delivered by us meets the expectations that were reasonably created. If this is not the case or if an item becomes defective, AStepAhead 
will do its utmost to solve this. We offer a 1 year warranty on all AStepAhead items.