Fitness equipment
                  Flat Bench
                  Upright Utility Bench
      Fusion HIIT Bench
      Performance Adjustable Weight Bench
      Olympic Adjustable Multi Bench
      Olympic Flat Bench
      Olympic Incline Bench
      Olympic Decline Bench
      Olympic Shoulder Press Bench
Weight Lifting Machines
            Seated Preacher Curl Bench
            45 Degree Hyper Extension
            Chin/Dip/Knee Raise
      Seated Calf Raise
      Glute/Ham Developer
      Sissy Squat
            Olympic Squat Rack
            Freestanding Quarter Gym Rack
            Premium Heavy Duty Squat Stand
            Wall Mounted Multi-Use Gym Rack
            Folding Multi-Use Gym Rack
            Power Rack
            Ultimate Strength Half Rack
            Ultimate Strength Half Rack with Functional Storage
            Performance Rack Accessories
Cable Stations
      Dual Adjustable Pulley
      Ultimate Strength Half Rack with Functional Storage and Pulley
            Ignite Monkey Bar Rig
            Ignite Wall Mounted Rig
            Ignite Wall Squat Rig
            Ignite Functional Training Rig
      Ignite Rig Wing Attachments
      Ignite Rig Attachments
Fitness articles
                  Classic Rubber Dumbbells - 1/2kg increments
                  Classic Rubber Dumbbells - 2.5kg increments
                  Premium Urethane Dumbbells - 2kg increments
                  Premium Urethane Dumbbells - 2.5kg increments
                  Ignite V2 Urethane Dumbbells - 1kg increments
                  Ignite V2 Urethane Dumbbells - 2.5kg increments
                  Rubber Hex Dumbbell - 1kg increments
                  Rubber Hex Dumbbell - 2.5kg increments
                  Chrome Dumbbells
      Gungnir Allrounder
      Elite Steel High Performance Olympic Bar
      Ultimate Olympic Bar
      Steel Series Straight Olympic Bars with bearings
      Shadow Olympic Bar
      Aluminium Training Bar (6ft)
      Steel Series EZ Curl Bar with bearings
      Steel Series Super Curl Bar with bearings
      Olympic Safety Squat Bar
      Steel Series Olympic Tricep Bar
      Steel Series Hex Bar (Trap Bar)
      Classic Rubber Barbells - Straight Bars
      Classic Rubber Barbells - Curl Bars
      Premium Urethane Barbell - Straight Bar
      Premium Urethane Barbell - Curl Bar
      Ignite V2 Urethane Barbell
      Classic Urethane Olympic Discs
      Classic Rubber Olympic Discs
      Ignite V2 Urethane Olympic Discs
      Ignite V2 Premium Rubber Olympic Discs
      Black Urethane Competition Plate - Coloured Text
      Calibrated Colour Rubber Competition Plate
      HG Black Rubber Bumper Plates
      HG Black Rubber Bumper Plate - Coloured Fleck
      HG Coloured Rubber Bumper Plates
      Olympic Technique plates
      Olympic Hollow Technique Plates
      Fractional Plates Set
      Tier Dumbbell Racks
      Hex Dumbbell Racks
      Vertical Dumbbell Racks
      Olympic Bar Holder
      Single Sided 5 Bar Barbell Rack
      Barbell Rack - Oval Frame
      Wall Mounted Olympic Bar Holder
      Olympic Weight Tree (oval frame)
      Olympic Training Plate Rack
      Cable Attachment Rack
Cable Attachments
      Straight Bar
      Pressdown Bars
      Curl Bars
      Lat Pulldown Bars
      Set of 15 Cable Attachments
      Spring collar to fit Olympic bar (pair)
      Quick Lock Collars (pair)
      Olympic Clamp Collar 50mm (Pair)
      Wall Mounted Chin Bar (Commercial)
      Core Plate
      Portable Core Trainer
      Core Plate Handle
      Olympic Neck Pad
      Weight Training Dipping Belt
      Leather Ankle Straps
            Power Bands
            Resistance tubes
            Jungle Gym
            Soft Plyometric Boxes
            3-in-1 Plyo Bloc
            Sync Plyo Balance Box
            Power Wheel
            Weighted Vest
            Gym Rings
      Chrome/Rubber Kettlebells
      Cast Iron Kettlebells
      Neoprene Covered Kettlebells
      Competition Kettlebells
      Kettlebell Rack - Two Tier
      Kettlebell Rack - Three Tier
      Sandbag Pro
      Sandbag Extreme
      Battle Bag
      Sandbag Rack
      Wall Ball (Oversized Medicine Ball)
      Slam Ball
      SandBall Extreme
      Wall Ball Rack (holds 4)
      Prowler Sled
      Performance Sled and Harness
      Torque Tank M2
      Training Ropes
      Training Rope Storage Point
      Rope Anchor
      Gym Hammer
      Kettlebell Wrist Guard (Pair)
      Digital Interval Timer - 6 Digit
      Studio Dumbbells
            Ignite Neoprene Studio Dumbbells - Pairs
Studio Barbells
      Ignite Pump X Rubber Studio Barbell Sets & Plates
      Ignite Pump X Urethane Studio Barbell Sets & Plates
      Ignite V2 Rubber Studio Barbell Sets & Plates
      Ignite V2 Urethane Studio Barbell Sets & Plates (Colour Coded)
      Ignite V2 Urethane Studio Barbell Sets & Plates (Red/Black)
      Classic Rubber Studio Barbell Sets & Plates
      Studio Barbell Bars
      Fit Bars
Studio Balls
      Grip Balls
      Medicine Balls
      Commercial Fit Balls
Studio Racks
      Studio Dumbbell Rack
      Studio Barbell Racks (Holds 12 sets/30 sets)
      Fit Bar Racks
      Medicine Ball Rack (holds 5)
      Medicine Ball Rack (holds 10)
      Medicine Ball Rack (holds 15)
      Fit Ball Rack
      BOSU Racks
Bosu Balance
      Studio Barbell Quick Lock Collar 30mm (pair)
      Studio Barbell Clamp Collar 30mm (Pair)
      Studio Spring Collars 30mm (Pair)
      Reebok Step
      Reebok Deck
            Hatton Pro Leather Velcro Gloves
            Hatton PU Sparring Gloves
            Hatton Pro Leather Lace Up Gloves
            Hatton PU Cool Flow Fitness Gloves
Punch Bags
      Hatton Heavy Duty Punch Bag
      Free Standing Punch Bag
      Hatton Maize Bag
      Hatton Upper Cut Bag
      Hatton 3 in 1 Leather Bag
Punch Pads
      Jordan Thai Pad (Single)
      Jordan Thai Pad (old logo design)
      Hatton AirPro Hook and Jab Pads (pair)
      Hatton Curved Hook and Jab Pads (pair)
      Hatton Boxing Hoodie
      Hatton Boxing T-Shirt
      Hatton Floor-to-Ceiling Ball
      Hatton Hand Wraps
      Hatton Speed Ball
      Jordan Storage Cage
      Pro Ball Bearing For Speed Ball
      Ultimate adjustable speedball platform (not including ball or swivel)
      Boxing Frames
      Wall Brackets
Yoga and Rehab
            AIREX® Mat (Fitline 140)
            AIREX® Calyana Yoga Mat
            AIREX® Eco Yoga
            Yoga Mat
            Sports Mats
            40mm Multi Purpose Stretch Mats (with non slip base)
            Ab Mat
            AIREX® Wall Bracket
            Sports Mats Hanger
            Sports Mat Storage Rack
Foam Roller
      Soft Foam Roller
      Foam Roller
      AIREX® Balance Beam
      AIREX® Balance Pad
      Yoga Stretch Strap
Speed ​​and Agility
            Speed Ladder
            Speed Rope
      Quick Puncher
      Swivel Viper Belt (includes 1 Pro Flexi-cord)
      Floor Tiles
            Activ Flooring (Interlocking Tiles)
            Activ Gym Flooring
            Activ Gym Flooring With Fleck
            EcoFlex Rubber Flooring
      Rubber Roll Flooring
Olympic Lifting Platform
Custom Branding
      CB Dumbbells
      CB Barbells
      CB Plates
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