Shipping costs
Shipping is very important to us, we do our utmost to deliver the order as quickly as possible. We therefore only use the best transport companies.
AStepAhead has transparent shipping costs that are not hidden in the price of a product.

The shipping costs depend on the weight. If you want to know exactly what the total shipping costs are, add the product to the shopping cart.
A general indication for the shipping costs of fitness articles within the Netherlands can be found below.

Fitness items that can be shipped in a package or multiple packages:

Weight              Shipping Costs       Shipment type
0-20kg               €7,95                         1 package
20-40kg             €14,95                      2 packages
40-60kg             €22,95                      3 packages

The weights in the overview above are for guidance only. In addition to the weight, the exact price is also based on the size and shipping method. 
For example, a bar of 20 kg is too long for a standard package and the shipping costs will be higher. Pick up at AStepAhead is also an option.

Products heavier than 60kg are shipped per pallet. To view these shipping costs, you can add this to your shopping cart.

Delivery times
Almost after receipt of payment, your order will be delivered to your specified delivery address within 3 working days. As soon as your order is shipped, 
you will receive a confirmation email from AStepAhead. This way you know for sure when you can expect your order.

Standard delivery days are Tuesday & Thursday.

In the unlikely event that an article is not available in the short term, you will receive a message from us as soon as possible.